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Tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system of XXX company solution
2009/9/22 17:27:07

Tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system of XXX company solution

Tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system

At present, due to the lack of the necessary technical means, enterprise logistics vehicle exists following questions:

1, vehicle scheduling hard. Due to unknown operation vehicle accurate location and its cargo, unable to run a vehicle for efficient scheduling management.

2, to improve the service quality. During the transportation, the customer can not be timely understanding of the goods in transit, and the lack of effective enterprise coordination, but also detrimental to the customer and the company's trust.

In 3, the driver to steal oil phenomenon, high cost and difficult to control bridge crossing. According to our survey to understand the current fleet management there are two major problems: the driver, a condition difficult to steal oil; two: the driver driving bridge crossing cost reimbursement.

4, people, goods, car security is difficult. In the process of cargo transportation, the lack of effective theft prevention measures, people, goods, car safety can not be effective protection.

In 5, the high rate of vehicle load.

Shenzhen in the joint science and technology limited company developed " tube car star GPS vehicle monitoring and dispatching management system " is based on the social environment and the logistics industry background and development, for solving above problems provide complete technology solutions. Realization of security logistics industry related people, money, security, and by monitoring software for monitoring vehicle driving conditions, reduce no-load rate, reduce the consumption of gasoline, to prevent drivers from stealing oil, detour reimbursement case, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, improve the team management department to use high-tech means of logistics and related industries management and scheduling, with great social benefits and economic benefits!

One, business needs

In order to adapt to the city traffic development and social improvement, XXX company modern management has been put on the schedule, the establishment of a unified, efficient, smooth, wide coverage, a universal XXX monitoring and dispatching system is very necessary.

Currently, the establishment of XXX company car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system its requirements are as follows:

1, improve service levels, increase enterprise benefit is the key

2, strong control function, high precision, real-time monitoring, a variety of scheduling methods, vehicle positioning and tracking.

3, benefit and safety of both, on vehicle and driver safety assurance

4, security vehicles and passengers to safety, mobile phone short message or voice channel alarm, such as master and 110 center.

In 5, mass information function

In 6, complete electronic map data, and the subsequent ability to update

In 7, the vehicle park such as experienced external invasion, automatic alarm and identification of false alarms.

8, using voice scheduling screen, realize vehicle personnel mobile phone intercommunication function.

In 9, according to the characteristics of Telecom call center platform integration, telecommunications since the platform to its target customers.

XXX tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system by monitoring center of XXX company, monitoring the entire process, can display real-time vehicle location, and can be carried on a vehicle track playback, parking, parking time and running speed, the monitoring center on XXX scheduling management, personnel management, effective control team, reduce cost, increase income, improve vehicle safety, for the community to provide higher levels of service.

Recently, various regions in this respect in great demand, we in this area has many successful cases, for your company to provide the most sophisticated applications and problem solving.

Two, tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system scheme characteristics

" XXX tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system " software is a set of integrated GPS and GPRS technology, to provide users with the target positioning, monitoring, scheduling, information communication, alarm, vehicle management and other service system software, give full consideration to the different needs of different users, and fully in order to save customers GPS system operating expenses of a stable and reliable performance of the new GPS system. Compatible with different communication protocols; compatible with different manufacturers in different vehicle equipment. " XXX tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system " in architecture is divided into C/S mode, B/S mode two kinds of mode, can satisfy the different needs of different users.

Fast -- is fast, when the special time, through the emergency alarm to the control center monitoring terminal, monitoring terminal immediately to sound and ejecting vehicle information dialog box prompt alarm information, the reaction time is only a short few seconds, so that we can in the shortest time rapid response.

Quasi -- is the accurate positioning, information accurate; vehicle monitoring terminal position can be displayed in real time, the monitoring and dispatching system positioning accuracy in the 5 meters, GIS system can also suggest a variety of geographic information query, so vehicles can in the shortest possible time to accurately position, and the monitoring terminal can send alarm information in text information way of timely and accurate sent to the police vehicle.

Spirit -- is flexibility, scheduling; the monitoring center can be carried on a vehicle scheduling, reasonable configuration, in special cases, the platform can find the nearest vehicle, by telephone, text information realization of scheduling, saving time, saving resources.

Three, tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system schematic diagram:

Shenzhen in the joint science and technology limited company tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system is the collection of global satellite positioning system ( GPS ), geographic information system ( GIS ) and wireless communication technology in the integration of soft, hardware integrated system.

Tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system is mainly composed of three parts: vehicle terminal, wireless data network and system monitoring center; the vehicle unified centralized management and real-time monitoring and scheduling, to improve the response speed of the system.

Four, tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system features:

It is the purpose of a powerful vehicle accurate positioning, real-time monitoring, efficient scheduling function; for up to a year to track data storage

·rapid alarm processing mechanism, the case brought loss to minimum

It is the purpose of large capacity, the monitoring center can accommodate five hundred thousand car network

·the purpose of providing multiple monitor mode, on a specific area or line to undertake key monitoring

·the purpose is compatible with a variety of vehicle terminal, which gives the user the high flexibility in the choice of hardware

·can simultaneously support multiple modes of communication, including GSM/CDMA, GPRS/CDMA short message data transmission, voice

·supports multi-level management, user terminal does not need to install any software and download

·system with complete security and automatic recovery mechanism, to ensure the security and stability of the system

It is the purpose of precise digital map and professional map service support

·industry-leading high-speed engine, especially suitable for real-time monitoring and control system

·ultra small volume of the terminal device, convenient installation, almost without destroying the original car circuit

Five, tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system function introduction:

1 real-time vehicle tracking scheduling

System was established between vehicles and control center for rapid, accurate, and effective information transmission channel. The monitoring center can keep track of vehicle state, promptly issued a dispatch command. Also provides a service for the vehicle information, there are a variety of control mode selection. This feature also can know the location of distribution center of police, convenient.

2 remote control vehicle

In case of emergency, through the vehicle terminal for vehicle remote control. For example, when the armored vehicle robbed by the remote control function, cut off the oil way of the vehicle, the door lock, thus it cannot continue running, and strive for the precious time for the public security department report.

3 history record

Public security supervision in the driving process of the vehicle trajectory information will be record keeping, convenient subsequent queries. The user can select the past time, query the time period specified vehicles of the historical data, historical echo, case analysis is the right-hand man; according to user needs can retain any time in the history

The 4 emergency alarm

When the vehicle encounters an emergency, vehicle terminal automatically send alarm data to the monitoring center, the monitoring terminal display vehicle position, and a voice prompt. In addition, when the driver in the performance of official duties of danger or traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns and other circumstances, through the terminal alarm button to the monitoring center for help. The monitoring center can also be used for monitoring and recording the situation inside the vehicle.

5 Regional / yaw alarm

Under special circumstances, in order to strengthen the management, requirements of vehicle fixed routes or only in specific regions of activity. In the system for task vehicles set route, the beginning of the task, vehicle walking routes and state by monitoring and recording, such as a vehicle according to the preset route driving or out of setting area, the system will alarm automatically, can according to the actual situation to take measures.

6 unified vehicle information management

System capable of vehicle centralized information management. Management of vehicle license plate number, vehicle covering station number, model, color, engine number, chassis number, etc.. The vehicles of all these information collection, input, modify, delete and provided to the user and the query function.

7 video capture

The monitoring center via the platform executive photographed instructions and on the platform in the form of pictures reflected. ZX002 equipment support minimum automatically every 3 minutes 90 seconds after the photo shoot, parking automatic photo shoot. Thus the greatest degree of vehicle real-time monitoring, to prevent thefts, private download goods acts!

8 call ( call ) the car

Passengers call dispatch center about car phone, the network can automatically search the area within the empty wagons were deployed, shunting information by voice or Chinese characters information to the display terminal, greatly improving the dispatcher for the car to efficiency, shorten the time to call the car, reducing the pilot air mileage, increased driver economic income, alleviate the pressure of city road traffic. Can also provide a timer reservation, sent a car, the guests return, tracking and other functions. ( the taxi industry application )

9 power monitoring

With the vehicle power supply, reserve lithium battery as a supplement, when the main power supply break, will SMS alerts user, and enable the backup power supply.

The 10 SMS query

Through mobile phone short message command originating location, equipment will revert to describe geographic location information to a mobile phone.

11 system benefit

Greatly improve the quick response ability of public security, ensure safety of people life property

The auxiliary case analysis, improve the detection rate

The uniform vehicle information management, improve the management level of information

Improve management efficiency, reduce work

The 12 network query

Through a WEB browser Division I professional positioning platform, users only need to login the webpage, does not need to download any software, can display the current location of the vehicle.

Six, tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system:

The 1 system uses the original Daodao Qualcomm and High German belongs to the three big map brand, using the latest version of the map, the engine speed. ( at the same time platform compatible Google map, 51 maps)

2.24 hours of self-help network platform for monitoring, no need to install any software, whenever and wherever possible to view the state of vehicle. Network platform for the new genuine map display, mounting device for a vehicle in the electronic map in detail show the current position, such as: running or parking state running can display the current speed and road speed limit at the time of vehicle. The parking state can show a specific parking location and parking time.

3.24 hours of message search vehicle. (you can choose Chinese SMS reply, call to be able to be carried on a vehicle location, latitude and longitude information. ). Chinese information such as: Guangdong Province Shenzhen city Futian District Shennan Road from the North Building, 18 meters, 26, east.

4 users can keep vehicles state, and can be used in emergency situations with a mobile phone short message instruction or platform on vehicle remote control power off oil.

5 B / S structure monitoring platform history generally preserved for three months, including our original, now tube car star system after upgrading, history is the longest can keep for a year.

6 only message search vehicle position customers, can be life-long service charge, as long as the equipment and mobile phone cards can be used for life.

7 recent stop time and location for vehicles.

Seven, tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system of advanced sex:

1 of the traditional GPS to install the software can monitor vehicle for computer configuration, has a certain requirement, working speed is slow, and the map is pirated map will appear, positioning, and practical are not corresponding. In the original version of the software is also installed with ( C / S ), in 04 years began to use the network edition ( B / S ), multi level management model, can be done in each car a username and password, to ensure that customer information is not exposed, customer information and get a good effect of secrecy!

2 traditional products with most network platform, even if there is someone through the platform for monitoring, the technical problems of poor control. In the joint are regular factory after five years of independent research and development platform. The fee is very low, and for the first year of service platform for free.

3 traditional product no reply message function, even some products recovery and the latitude and longitude information, non professionals cannot understand. In reply to the message in Chinese joint product, simple and clear.

4 traditional products after the installation unit is installed by monitors, a single time is long, can truly grasp the vehicle information whenever and wherever possible. In the joint products through the network platform and message platform truly 24 hours at any time.

5 in the convenient Internet access monitor cases by mobile phone short message and vehicle location, speed, generally not more than 6 seconds.

6 in the United independent research and development, production, operation, cost control in their own hands, technical control. Customer management of vehicles, all-round implementation of self-service management, the products small problems generally do not return a factory, as long as a message can be solved. Also won't appear manufacturers and operators are now like kicking the ball, the fastest speed for customers to solve the problem.

7 of products on the market volume is larger, not easy to hide. The circuit board layer is too much, high cost, complex lines. In the combined volume of the product only cigarette packet size, can be installed in a very secluded corner. But on a circuit board, cheap price.

The 8 GSM module using SIMCOM dual module -SIM300D, SMD package, is directly soldered to the motherboard, ensure the stability of products.

9 series of products GPS module using the world's first brand U-BLOX LEA-5S fifth generation module, effectively avoid the drift.

Eight, tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system configuration ( ZX001 for example ):

The GPS terminal 1 station

Article 1 of the GPS antenna

Article 1 of the GSM antenna

1 copies of brochures

The warranty card 1

Nine, tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system configurations:

1 tube car star GPS intelligent vehicle monitoring and dispatching system costs

The cost of renting platform:

Name quantity unit price ( yuan ).

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